Detroit graffiti artist 'Shades' has teamed up with Epix to create a one of a kind board, ready to make hard lines as soon as the first snow hits.

This board was born to be abused. The Jib’s twin shape and forgiving flex allow both battle- scarred urban mercenaries and bunny hill shredders to take their game to the next level. The deck’s three degree beveled edges guarantee you’ll be sliding rails rather than snagging them. The Durasurf XT 5501 sintered base is more durable than Robert Redford’s skin and faster than a coked out glam rocker in a Ferrari. Triaxial woven fiberglass and carbon stringers keep the board light, torsionally stiff, and snappy, while also ensuring that it won’t turn into a wet noodle midway through the season. If you want a super solid board that will leave you with money for lift tickets and drop-in ramps, strap into a Jib.


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Jib Series Specific Ingredients


XT Foil Topsheet

XT Foil topsheets reduce vibration, shed snow, and provide a long-lasting home for your deck’s artwork.

Triaxial Woven Fiberglass

The angle of the dangle matters. Fiberglass—and the angle of its layup—works with a board’s core to direct its flex. We lay down fiberglass in three different orientations to create decks that are torsionally stiff, yet flex buttery smooth.

Vertically Laminated Aspen
and Maple Wood Core

Our aspen cores are extra light and extra tough. Vertically laminated maple stringers provide tons of pop and a consistent flex pattern while also creating a reinforced home for your deck’s inserts. These cores keep your board snappy, yet torsionally stiff all season long.


Anti-edge Vibration System

Vibration dampening foil in the sidewalls reduces chatter. Your teeth and your knees will thank you.

3° Edge Bevel

Rather than meeting the base of the board at 90°, the edges on this deck are slightly beveled for catch-free progression. Spend more time sliding rails and less time smacking your face on them.

Centered Stance

This thing rides equally well in forward and reverse.


Rocking a 4 on the 10 scale.